Position of our company : Internet infrastructure services provider

Definition of our work: We are professional in domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise mail, data centers and related prouct development and technical services. We provide SMEs as well as individual customers with best Internet infrastructure solutions.

Our goal and ambition : Basing Asia, to explore the world market and provide Internet users all over the the world with high quality network services.

Our spirit: Loyalty, innovation, progress, cooperation and win-win results

Our tenet : The Better Network, The Better Life! We aim at giving consumers high quality and satisfaction, giving investors better performance and returns, and giving bootstrappers opportunities and better development.

Enterprise strategies : We use wisdom to find a win-win development and activation. We carry out regular management and innovative mechanisms, in order to accommodate a variety of voice and  make a harmonious environment. We pursue personal dreams and create miracles in the times:We pursue personal dreams and create miracles.

"The Better Network.The Better Life! "is a firm belief of us and we hold on persuiting it., Inc. believes that we can create better life with better quality of service. Our goal is to serve you with innovation, progress, cooperation and to have win-win development. We have an extremely strong sense of responsibility and solidarity. We work hard as a whole to provide you with good-quality products and good services. We aim at making greater achievements. Let's work together to create a better future!


Famous brand in the circle of world's.php service
2007 CNNIC Accredited CN Golden Registrar
2006 CNNIC-Accredited Golden Registrar
2007 HKDNR Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
HKIRC&HKDNR Best Performing Service Partners Sliver Prize
China's Network Trusted Entity
Top ten satisfaction brand in the Chinese network service
One of the biggest domain registrants and ISP providers
One of the first ICANN Accredited Registrars .

At the top of Alexa's Traffic Graph

One of the most famous virtual host providers, who provides JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, PERL and CGI primarily.
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