Domain name is a unique hybrid of infrastructure and intellectual property asset., Inc. offers low-cost domain name registration service to clients all over the world, and regards this as our primary operation. With competitive pricing and the best features, we hope we can meet all of your domain name needs. We  have provided the domain names as .com , .net , .org , .cn , , ,, , .cc , .biz, .info , .sh , .ac , .io , .ws , .name , .travel , .mobi , .tw , .hk etc.. All international and national domain names registered in, Inc. can immediately have VDNS (Virtual Domain Name Server) services of its Secondary Domain Name. The function of the secondary domain names is as powerful as that of the top-level Domain Names. All the attributes and information of domain names are automatically reversed by real-time system. It is the unique company in China that provides such services.

  Supplying our customers with best web hosting solutions and instantly scalable web-based technology, we have established a leading position in the web hosting industry., Inc. is the pioneer of offering web hosting supporting JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, PERL, CGI and all kinds of databases in China. JSP space that developed by, Inc. gains great popularity among a large number of customers and clients. Being suitable and fast, it's fairly superior in both function and techniques in China.


  Enterprise post office service is the key product of Todaynic. In order to meet enterprise's developing need, we have put out the fourth generation of enterprise post office. We currently are also introducing DIY post office. Two major series and altogether 16 types are for the customer to choose to kill viruses with simple and easy defense in real time. And we have tailored DIY post office business for the customer recently. Both the size and lab location of the post office are optional.You can use your independent domain name as the postfix of your post office, divide your space up to any parts of any size, add or delete any user at will. And our system could automatically choose the langugage suitable for you according to your system language. It has no limit to accessory size and its powerful anti-spam, anti-virus functions keep you free of spam and virus. It supports SSl encrypt and HTMl editing, which keep your mails both safe and beautiful. If you need a fast and reliable business communication platform, our online post office could be your best choice!
Mail,lnc., with it perfect service faith, takes the leading place in the field of transforming and sharing between Simplified-Chinese and Traditional-Chinese data in the domestic market. Compared with other projects on Traditional-Simple Chinese Character transforming, Codetone is connected continuously to server and works efficiently. The connection to Http dataflow is changed and dealt accurately, such advantages as the server end data intelligent examination is measured.There are Network Simplified Edition,Network Commerce Edition, Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition of Todaynic's Codetone; each edition is tailored for different user.

The cost of making a website is between 1,000 and 10,000 RMB. How to build a website that can save time, save effort, save money or even more? The intelligence web DIY system of,lnc. is a set of powerful self-service website construction administrative systems. Protrusion Intelligence Web DIY plan Edition, Intelligence Web DIY and Codetone Enterprise Edition and Intelligence Web DIY Special-purpose Module, not only can establish ordinary enterprise and personal websites, but also establish powerful e-commerce platform with abundant contents. Little investment makes a large market easily. If you buy Intelligence Web DIY, you benefit a lot from its popularity among the customers .

  Business mainly about host deposit, host rents and sale, host  management and direct server sales etc.. All systematic hosts are deposited in the remarkable data centre of Guangdong telecom and connected to the ChinaNET backbone network directly through 10XGE optic fibre. They provide safe, reliable, fast and thorough data to preserve business and other value-added services for different users. In addition, there are strong electric power guarantee, security, network guarantee and technical supports and we sign a quality agreement of the service (SLA) with the customer, guaranteeing a monthly network connection success rate of 99.9% and an electric power supply of 7*24 hours. We use UPS, diesel generators and other means to guarantee a power supply success rate higher than 99.9% . Customers will take it easy.


Famous brand in the circle of world's.php service
2007 CNNIC Accredited CN Golden Registrar
2006 CNNIC-Accredited Golden Registrar
2007 HKDNR Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
HKIRC&HKDNR Best Performing Service Partners Sliver Prize
China's Network Trusted Entity
Top ten satisfaction brand in the Chinese network service
One of the biggest domain registrants and ISP providers
One of the first ICANN Accredited Registrars .

At the top of Alexa's Traffic Graph

One of the most famous virtual host providers, who provides JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, PERL and CGI primarily.
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