Beauty and Vigor

The most beautiful voice, the sweetest smile and the truest honesty tie us and our cherished customers together

Energy and Efforts

We write down your history in a second though it has been six years since Todaynic was founded. In this group full of fresh power, we cry out “Come on!”

Come on! China!

Come on! Chinese Network!

Come on!, Inc.!

Harmony and Change

Shining show of representatives of marketing department of, Inc..

We stand together, looking for innovation,stepping forward, to release and improve ourselves while exploiting.

We are not the best, while we are trying our best;

we are not the closest, while we are the best friends.

We are not the most beautiful,while we keep pursuing;

We are not the most powerful, while we keep perfecting ourselves;

Come into, Inc., among us, our meet will be the best first sight.

Progessing and Insight

Coming from marketing department of, Inc.,we hold together to inherit the spirit and experience of, Inc.. We use collective insight to feel the everchanging business pulse, locking each cherished detail. We share happiness, enjoyment and progress with Todaynic.

Intellectuality and Inness

Cool show of members of the Marketing Department of Todaynic:

We are the the most vigorous part of Todaynic.There are three branches in the Marketing Department: DNS, Web Hosting and Self-product.

Every day, we fill ears with the updated news,communicate with the world in the most popular way, connect, Inc. with the world and stand on the edge of time with inflexible eye, calm strength and proud quality. Tomorrow is another day.

Confidence and persistence

Based on, Inc., gathering confidence at the bottom of our hearts, we are looking forward from the point we are at.We gather confidence as a sheild,found affection between you an us, persist wonderful idea and send out the most vivid voice.World owns us and we own the world. Where we are, where  persistence is.

Friendship and sunshine

Four beauties of, Inc.

Domain name Department: Chinese domain name,.mobi,.cn and so on.

Host Department: DIY host,big host, small host.

Selfproduct Department: Enterprise Post Office, Codetone.


Famous brand in the circle of world's.php service
2007 CNNIC Accredited CN Golden Registrar
2006 CNNIC-Accredited Golden Registrar
2007 HKDNR Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
HKIRC&HKDNR Best Performing Service Partners Sliver Prize
China's Network Trusted Entity
Top ten satisfaction brand in the Chinese network service
One of the biggest domain registrants and ISP providers
One of the first ICANN Accredited Registrars .

At the top of Alexa's Traffic Graph

One of the most famous virtual host providers, who provides JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, PERL and CGI primarily.
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