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 Oversea Market Commissioner(2 people)      

Oversea Market Commissioner(2 people)
Post Responsibility:
Responsible for following up in business to the overseas customer, Including existing customer, developing the new customer constantly, consolidating the existing customer. Need to exploit the overseas market.

1、Master English (hearing\ reading\ writing with ability stronger in English), the person who knows Cantonese had priority.
2、Possess good customer's consciousness and business and expand ability, have sharp market insight.
3、Possess the stronger one oral and linking up ability and negotiating ability with the commercial affair in writing, can bear a bit greater working pressure.
4、It is serious, aggressive to treat the work, it is steady to conduct oneself and deal with matters.
5、Have good communication, coordination ability and good cooperation spirit of group.
6、The person who has IT trade's marketing experience of networking products has priority.

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